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Our Experience

Energy and Grid Consulting for worldwide energy and grid companies, Capital Investment in early stage companies or projects coupled with entrepreneurial experienced business advisory, helping any enterprise to chart solid strategic plans to grow faster and achieving new heights. We specialize in providing capital and expert business and technical advice across various industries, but with a special focus on Energy, Utilities, Renewables, B2B Software, and Grid Modernization.

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Empower your business

Expert Services

We create innovation through professional services and resource augmentation. This includes expertise in Grid Modernization, digitalization, integration, staff augmentation, and cybersecurity.


We assist your organization through strategic and tactical services that enhance commercialization, sales and marketing, and technology and products.

Solution Sales

Our Portfolio-focused sales offers tailored and comprehensive solutions to push your products to market, providing optimal solutions for utilities to drive your business forward.

Capital Investment

We are a group of energy and grid experts and a gentle Capital investor in clean-tech companies or projects we believe in.
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Our Strengths

  • We are a partner with practical operations and growth experience, helping companies produce impressive top line and bottom line performance through easy to implement strategies.
  • All of our advisors have been involved in running or advising successful Entrepreneurial companies that achieved great growth results or exit strategies.
  • We invest in companies or projects we believe in, relying on practical and proven methodologies practiced in real business environments.
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