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Our Mission

Accurant is a mission-driven company launched in 2020 by the founder of Open Systems International (OSI) with a vision to address climate change. We believe that the only way to create a sustainable future is to accelerate investments and solutions that address this global challenge. Our company provides advanced experience in Energy, Transmission, Distribution, Renewables, and Grid Security to bridge the gap between the obstacles that exist to create successful companies in the climate technology space and the innovation we need to reduce carbon emissions. These solutions are provided through our advisory, professional, and sales and development services we offer to companies in the Energy and Climate Technology space.

Our team understands the complexities of the highly specialized industries we invest in and the challenges that come with commercialization. We believe that our industry expertise and critical relationships can provide a platform not just to enable commercialization, but to provide services ranging from product market fit, solutions sales, and exit strategies depending on the needs of the business. We believe that collaboration is essential, and we work with like-minded organizations and individuals to accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable solutions. 

Diversity & Inclusion

At Accurant, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are not only valuable but essential to our success as a company. We are committed to creating a workplace culture that values and respects the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of our employees, customers, and partners. We believe that by embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, we can foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration that ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

We actively strive to incorporate diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our company, including our hiring practices and decision-making processes. We are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, and we seek to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees. We believe that a diverse workforce not only reflects our values but also helps us better understand and serve our diverse customer base. Additionally, we make sure that our decision-making processes involve diverse perspectives to ensure that we are making well-informed and inclusive decisions that benefit all members of our organization. We believe that by prioritizing diversity and inclusion, we can create a company culture that celebrates and values everyone's contributions, allowing us to achieve our mission of delivering exceptional services.

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